Plain Text - Dylan B...

Plain Text - Dylan Beattie [ENG]

Pike matchbox (lub #pikematchbox), czyli o tym, czym jest, a czym nie jest plain text i dlaczego przesyłamy ciągle tyle zer przez łącza.

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Hungarian Jewish lea...

Hungarian Jewish leader seeks Orban meeting on 'mixed race' remark [ENG]

The Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities' request follows controversial remarks from Prime Minister Orban, who said Hungarians 'do not want to become peoples of mixed races'

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Low Effort Dream, by...

Low Effort Dream, by ToyBlackHat

Taki tam low effort spa^H^H^Htrack ;)

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Thomas - Love Song F...

Thomas - Love Song For ( Zibo Rmx )Disco Poć

☎ MANAGEMENT ☎ BOOKING +48 508 400 984 Mateusz Zieliński , [email protected]► ODWIEDŹ NAS NA FACEBOOKU✅ Subskrybuj ...

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Easy To Build Z80 Si...

Easy To Build Z80 Single Board Computer [ENG]

[Alexis] sent in a single board computer he’s been working on. The project goal of his build was making it easily reproducible. From looking at the schematics, it’s one of the simplest …

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Nowy sposób gotowani...

Nowy sposób gotowania ryżu: Tak usuniesz rakotwórczy arsen

Był obrazek, teraz jest treść, z której ten obrazek pochodzi!!1

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Varg calls Africa

Varg calls Africa

You hungry?

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Ukraine and Russia:...

Ukraine and Russia: What the Media Wants You To Think! [ENG]

https://awakenwithjp.comTake a stand again...

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Pęd [ENG]

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Black Metal Without...

Black Metal Without Distortion Is Just Surf Rock

Don't forget your sunscreen!0:02 Emperor - I Am The Black Wizards0:57 Burzum - Jeg Faller1:34 Mayhem - Freezing Moon1:48 Dissection - Night's Blood2:40 Darkt...

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Notatki Darwina

🧊 [ENG]

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